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Website Builder: How to Accept Bank Card Payments
Website Builder: How to Accept Bank Card Payments

Learn about accepting card payments in your online store

Updated over a week ago

If you use Hostinger Website Builder to run your online store and want to accept bank card payments, you may use PayPal, Stripe, or both.

Accepting Bank Cards via PayPal

Once you enable PayPal in your online store, your customers will be able to pay via their PayPal account or by inserting their bank card details at the checkout:

Paying via PayPal in an online store created with Hostinger Website Builder

Accepting Bank Cards via Stripe

Once you enable Stripe in your online store, bank card payments are automatically enabled by default, and you can accept payments by various card brands without any additional configurations.

Bank Card Brands Supported by Stripe


Available for merchants in these countries 👇

Available for customers in these countries 👇


All countries

All countries


All countries

All countries

American Express

All countries except Brazil, Malaysia, and the UAE

All countries

Discover & Diners

Canada, Japan, the UK, and the USA

All countries

China UnionPay

Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, the UK, the USA, Switzerland, and all countries in the European Economic Area except Croatia, Iceland, and Lichtenstein

All countries

Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)

Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA

All countries

Cartes Bancaires

All countries in the SEPA region


Stripe supports processing payments in 135+ currencies, but some card brand networks have limitations on supported currencies 💡

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