1. In the store management area, create products in your default language. Then, duplicate the products and translate them to a preferred language:

2. In the editor, enable all the preferred languages for your website. Note that it's recommended to enable additional languages only after your website is complete in the default language.

3. Use Add to bag buttons and the product page URLs of the translated products to display them on the respective website pages. For example, if you enable Spanish on your website and translate your products to ES:

  1. Access the Spanish version of your website (in the editor)

  2. Use website elements to display your products (translated to ES) on your ES pages:

    1. Image elements for product images

    2. Text elements for product titles, descriptions, prices

    3. Add to bag buttons – remember to link them to your translated products

  3. Copy the URL of your ES product page and add that link to images, texts, buttons

Finally, update your website for the changes to reflect online.


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