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Website Builder: How to Check the Website's Traffic
Website Builder: How to Check the Website's Traffic
Learn where to check your website's traffic using Hostinger Website Builder
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With the help of our built-in analytics tool, you can get detailed insights into who visits your website. Analyze your website traffic and tailor your content more effectively to suit your audience.

Within the editor, expand the Analytics panel on the left:

There, you can see:

  • Sessions over time: last three, seven, or 30 days; it shows both total sessions (including search engine bots), and the number of unique visitors

  • Sessions by country: check what countries your visitors are from

  • Sessions by device: desktop vs mobile

The Analytics tool collects data through Cloudflare CDN and doesn't use any cookies or third-party integrations. In other words, this tool doesn't require visitor's consent and is irrelevant to mention in your Privacy policy because:

  • The Analytics tool doesn't collect any personal data

  • The collected data is only used for traffic overview

  • The collected data is not shared or connected with data from other websites


  • To see the traffic overview, your website must be published

  • The first data is available one hour after publishing the website

  • The data is automatically updated every 24 hours

  • Besides unique visitors, search bots' sessions are also included in the data

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