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The header section is the topmost section of a website that contains your website's menu:

By default, the header section is visible on all your website pages.

To hide the header section from a particular page:

  1. Copy the code below

  2. Paste the customized code into the Custom code field in your website's integrations settings

The code

setInterval(() => {
if (window.location.pathname === '/page-title') {
document.querySelector('header').style.display = "none";
else {
document.querySelector('header').style.display = "grid";
}, 50);

Customizing the code

To specify the page to hide the header from, replace page-title with the slug of your page here:

if (window.location.pathname === '/page-title')

For example, if you want to hide the header section from your About page, the URL of which is https://domain.tld/about, the code would look like this:

if (window.location.pathname === '/about')

If you'd like to disable the header on multiple pages, edit the line this way:

if (window.location.pathname === '/about' || window.location.pathname === '/contacts' || window.location.pathname === '/faq')

In other words, if you need to disable the header on multiple pages, use || symbols, copy the phrase window.location.pathname === '/about' and specify the slugs of your pages.

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