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How to Use Hostinger AI Website Builder
How to Use Hostinger AI Website Builder

Build your website with ease: unleashing the power of Hostinger's AI Website Builder

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Creating a site with the help of Hostinger AI Website Builder is super easy! You only need to provide some information about what you do.

Step 1 – Enter Your Brand Name

If your input is up to 20 characters (including spaces), the AI builder will also generate a .SVG wordmark logo based on your brand name:

An example of the wordmark logo

If the brand name is longer than 20 characters, a generic logo is added:

An example of a wordmark logo, if the website's title is longer than 20 characters

Anyway, you'll be able to change the logo later 🧑‍🎨

Step 2 – Specify the Type of Your Website

From the dropdown, select one of the following website types:

  • Online store

  • Blog

  • Business showcase

  • Portfolio

  • Landing page

  • Other

If you choose the online store or blog, the AI builder will automatically add those specific pages to your website.

Step 3 – Describe Your Website

Describe your business or brand in a few sentences. Our AI will use it to generate original content tailored specifically for you. The more descriptive you are, the better results you'll get! If you struggle to create a short description, you may also use ChatGPT:

An example of the website's description, generated using ChatGTP

The description should not exceed 700 characters (including spaces) 💡

Then, click on Create a website, and AI will take matters into its own hands!

Step 4 – Set Style and Colors

Click on Personalization settings and specify the following:

  • Style — choose your website style

  • Colors — click on My color palette to specify the three main colors (light, dark, and accent) of your site

You'll be able to change the color palette later, too! Once ready, click on Create a website ✨

Shortly, you'll be presented with the result and be able to proceed with any desired changes: How to Customize a Website Template 🚀

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