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PRO Panel: How to Add a New Client
PRO Panel: How to Add a New Client
Adding a new client to Hostinger's PRO Panel
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Hostinger PRO Panel is a platform tailored to the needs of web professionals, offering a suite of tools and services to optimize business operations and drive growth. With Hostinger PRO Panel, you can manage your clients' websites with ease and track website performance and security status. Additionally, you can create a customized shopping cart for new clients and begin new projects without delay!

In hPanel, access the PRO Panel:

Hostinger's PRO Panel

Go to the Clients section, and click on Add new client:

The button Add new client in Hostinger's PRO Panel

Insert the client's email address, mark the checkbox next to Send this client a request to manage services and make purchases, and click on Add client:

Adding a new client to Hostinger PRO Panel

Your client will automatically get an email notification, letting them know that you've requested access to their account:

An email notification received by your client upon adding them to your PRO Panel in Hostinger

Once the client provides you with access to their account, in hPanel PRO Panel Clients, you'll see Access status: Active:

Access statuses in hPanel → PRO Panel → Clients

And that's how you add new clients to your PRO Panel! 🚀

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