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Is SMTP Port 25 Blocked on VPS?
Is SMTP Port 25 Blocked on VPS?

SMTP limits in VPS

Updated over a week ago

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP is a standard communication protocol used for transmitting electronic mail over the Internet. Port 25 is the default port used for SMTP communication: email servers and clients use this port to send and receive emails.

At Hostinger, we value the importance of email communication for our customers. Therefore, we do not block the SMTP 25 port.

However, we have implemented certain limitations to prevent spam and ensure that our email service functions smoothly. One of the measures we've taken is to limit the number of emails sent per minute to 5 emails. This way, we can prevent abuse of our email service, e.g., sending bulk or unsolicited emails, which can harm our clients and their reputation.

Remember that sending large volumes of emails in a short period of time can cause email servers to mark your messages as spam, resulting in poor email deliverability rates. Therefore, it's recommended to send emails in small batches, with personalized content, and follow the best email practices to ensure maximum deliverability.

If you need to send many emails, we recommend using a dedicated email solution, such as Business Email.

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