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How to Use Pro Panel

Managing customers in Hostinger's Pro Panel

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Hostinger's Pro Panel allows you to manage your customers and their websites with ease.

Setting up Pro Panel

If you’re accessing Pro Panel from your Hostinger account for the first time, you will be greeted with a welcome screen. Click on Get started, and you'll be suggested to add a new website. There, you'll find the following options:

  • Add a new website to your own account; this way, you can either add a new website to your own Cloud hosting plan or purchase a new Cloud hosting plan

  • Add a new website to your client’s account; this way, you can add a new client or add a new website for an existing client

Navigating in Pro Panel

There are five main sections in Pro Panel. Let's dive deeper into its features and functionalities.


In the Websites section, you can find all the websites of your clients as well as their Hostinger account information. The section also has options to perform bulk WordPress actions, add new websites, access the Atarim integration, and manage individual sites. It also provides an overview of the technical and security status updates of clients’ websites. These include SSL certificates, malware scanners, backups, the availability of WordPress updates, WordPress vulnerabilities, and performance scores.

Atarim is a visual collaboration and workflow tool that allows you and your clients to exchange feedback directly. Your clients can use this feature to view their websites under construction and leave design suggestions directly on web pages. You can check their feedback while working and make changes to the site accordingly. It nurtures better client communication and enhances the site creation experience for all parties involved. To access Atarim, click on its icon next to the Manage button 💡


In the Clients section, you’ll find details of all the clients you currently manage via your Hostinger account. Here, you can add new clients, remove existing ones, and select products for your customers (the button Shop for client). Moreover, you can individually access a client’s Hostinger account by clicking on the Manage button.


In the Domains section, you'll find a list of all your clients’ domains, along with their statuses and expiration dates. If you notice that any domain in the list is about to expire soon, you may access the relevant Hostinger account and handle the domain renewal.

Partner benefits

In the Partner benefits section, you can check the upcoming payments and earnings:

  • Upcoming payments – this subsection is useful for tracking upcoming payments that you've already earned but are yet to receive from the commission's system

  • Earnings – this subsection is helpful for tallying your Hostinger Pro Panel rewards earnings

Besides, this menu streamlines billing management for clients’ purchases, ensuring you can stay on top of your financials with ease.

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