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How to Use the Ubuntu 22.04 Template With Desktop on VPS
How to Use the Ubuntu 22.04 Template With Desktop on VPS

Selecting the preferred OS template for your VPS

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Ubuntu 22.04 with a desktop environment and RDP (Remote Desktop) access utilizes an XRDP client. This enables users to log into their VPS using a Windows RDP client, which comes preinstalled on all Windows systems.

XRDP is a free and open-source implementation of Microsoft RDP server that enables operating systems other than Microsoft Windows to provide a fully functional RDP-compatible remote desktop experience.

To select this OS template, go to the VPS section on hPanel and click on the server you want to manage.

Then, open the Operating System tab on the left and find the section Change your Operating System. Select Plain OS, then select the template Ubuntu 22.04 64bit with Desktop. Next, click on Change OS:

Installing an OS on a VPS at Hostinger

Changing the operating system on your VPS will permanently delete all your current data. Make sure to download a backup via FTP beforehand if you wish to keep your information.

To connect to your VPS, you will need a local computer with an RDP client installed. Here are some of the available RDP clients for different operating systems:

To log into your VPS, open the RDP application on your computer and enter the XRDP login credentials:

  • Computer: server IP

  • Username: rdpuser

  • Password: enter the rdp password; if needed, you can reset it from hPanel

Graphic applications, irrespective of the desktop environment, are generally designed to be run under regular user accounts. Running them as the root user may lead to unforeseen issues and is discouraged.

Now you know how to use the Ubuntu 22.04 template with Desktop 😊

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