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Pro Panel: How to Add a New Website
Pro Panel: How to Add a New Website

Adding a new website via Pro Panel at Hostinger

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In Pro Panel, you may create a new website for your client in two ways:

  1. During the setup process

  2. In Pro Panel WebsitesAdd website

Creating a Site During the Setup Process

Once you purchase a plan (or your customer purchases a plan), you'll see the Pending Services banner that will look like this:

Services that are pending setup in Pro Panel

Once you click on Setup, you'll be guided through the website creation process, during which you'll be able to select a preferred CMS or upload website files and connect a domain name.

Creating a Site in the Websites Section

To add additional websites to your client's hosting plan, navigate to the Websites section in Pro Panel and click on Add website. A pop-up window will appear, prompting you to select a client. After that, click on Select plan and follow the outlined steps:

How to See Websites

Once you create a website, it will appear in the Websites section of your Pro Panel:

The Websites list in Pro Panel
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