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Website Builder: How to Duplicate a Website
Website Builder: How to Duplicate a Website

Learn how to make a copy of a website created with Hostinger Website Builder

Updated over a week ago

If you use Hostinger Website Builder to create a website and want to duplicate it, follow the instructions below 👇

All the website's content and settings are duplicated except for the online store: products and all the store settings are not copied 💡

In the Websites section, find the builder website you wish to create a copy of. Click on the ellipsis button and select Duplicate website:

Duplicating a website created with Hostinger Website Builder

If you have several hosting plans, you'll be asked to select the preferred one for hosting the duplicated website:

Selecting the hosting plan at Hostinger

Finally, the Websites section will automatically reload, and you will find the duplicate on a randomly generated preview domain:

A duplicated Hostinger Website Builder website

To access the preview domain online, click on Edit Website and publish your duplicated website first. You can change your website's domain anytime later!

Remember that all the IDs and custom code in the integrations settings are also duplicated. If you use analytic tools (such as Hotjar, Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, etc.), make sure to remove the IDs from the original or the duplicated website: if the same ID is linked to multiple websites, the data will be corrupted 💡

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