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How to Host an Unturned Dedicated Server
How to Host an Unturned Dedicated Server

Creating an Unturned server using VPS hosting

Updated over a week ago

Unturned, known for its immersive zombie survival experience, becomes even more engaging and customizable when you have control over server settings and player access.

Creating a dedicated server for Unturned using a Game Panel offers a user-friendly and efficient way to manage your gaming environment.

To set up an Unturned dedicated server using Game Panel, follow these steps 👇

Step 1 - Purchase a Server

Navigate to our Minecraft Server Hosting page and select the plan you would like to purchase.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Gaming Server

Right after purchasing, you'll be redirected to the onboarding process:

  1. Select your server location (the closest to your users)

  2. Set a strong password for the admin user on your control panel

Log in to Game Panel

After installation is complete, navigate to the Panel access tab on your hPanel's VPS section and click the link next to Login URL:

In the window that will open, enter the username admin and the password you created during the onboarding process.

Step 3 - Create the Unturned Instance

On your Game Panel, choose Create Instance, select Unturned from the dropdown list of applications and click on Create Instance.

Available Settings

You can edit the Unturned settings to personalize your gaming experience using the Game Panel. Double-click on the instance and navigate to the settings page.

Hosting an Unturned dedicated server using the Game Panel simplifies the process of server management, allowing you to focus on customizing your gameplay experience. With this setup, you're well-equipped to provide an exciting and stable environment for your Unturned game world.

Consistent updates and maintenance through the Game Panel are key to maximizing performance.

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