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How to Upload an Existing World to Your Palworld Server
How to Upload an Existing World to Your Palworld Server

Migrating your Palworld server to a Hostinger Game Panel VPS

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Whether you're transitioning from a local setup to a more robust server environment or moving to a new Palworld Dedicated Server at Hostinger, uploading your existing game world can enhance your gameplay experience. This guide provides a step-by-step process to securely transfer and set up your world so you can keep enjoying your adventure.

Step 1 - Preparations

Make sure you have set up your VPS hosting and created the Palworld instance.

You can check our detailed tutorial here: How to Make a Dedicated Server in Palworld 💡

Step 2 - Locate Your Palworld World Files

Navigate to the directory where your Palworld world is saved on your local machine or current server. While the location might vary depending on your setup, typically it will follow a path similar to this:


Step 3- Upload Your World Files

Log in to your Game Panel VPS, navigate to your Palworld instance and select File manager.

Next, navigate to the following path:

/Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0 folder 

Once there, upload files from your local machine or current server.

Step 4 - Configure Your Server to Use the Uploaded World

After transfering the existing world save, you will have to access the GameUserSettings.ini file on the following location:


Open it using the file manager and replace the DedicatedServerName with the folder name where you copied the files.

Make sure to save the changes. Once your world is uploaded and the server configuration is updated, restart your Palworld server.

This ensures the new settings take effect and the server loads your existing world.

Uploading your existing world to your Palworld server is a great way to continue your adventure on a more powerful platform that you can also share with your frieds. By following these steps, you can ensure that your world is transferred safely and set up correctly on your new server.

Always remember to back up your world before making any changes - this way, your digital creations and progress is preserved.

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