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How Can You Create a Website Without Programming Experience?
How Can You Create a Website Without Programming Experience?

Designing a new website using Website Builder at Hostinger

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While creating a website may seem like a task that requires technical knowledge and time, with Hostinger Website Builder, you can easily create your own great-looking, fully functional website in just a few minutes.

To start using the Website Builder, you have two options:

Start With the Hostinger Website Builder

Once you set up a new hosting plan navigate to Websites on the top menu. Click + Add website and select Hostinger Website Builder:

Choose which hosting plan you want to attach this new website to and wait until the Hostinger Website Builder loads. Once it does, you'll see this screen:

Click Start creating, and the setup will take you through multiple questions about what kind of website this will be.

Once the website has enough information, it'll generate a fully functional website with unique content and visuals. All you'll have to do is customize it to your liking.

Switch from another CMS to Website Builder

If you're currently using a CMS for your website, such as WordPress, and want to try out the Website Builder, you will need to initiate the switch on using the control panel. Just follow this guide: How to switch to Hostinger Website Builder.

That's it! Now, you can create your website using the Hostinger Website Builder.

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