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How Can You Create a Website Without Programming Experience?
How Can You Create a Website Without Programming Experience?

Designing a new website using Website Builder at Hostinger

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While creating a website may seem at first like it requires technical knowledge, as well as a great amount of time, with Hostinger Website Builder you can easily have your own good-looking, fully functional website in just a few minutes!

To start using the Website Builder, you have two options:

Start With the Website Builder

All you need to do is go through the onboarding process while setting up a new hosting plan or adding a website to your domain. After the welcoming screen and personalization options, select Create a new website:

The Create or Migrate screen of hosting onboarding at Hostinger showing how to select the Website Builder

Next, select Hostinger Website Builder:

The Select a Platform screen of hosting onboarding showing how to choose the Hostinger Website Builder

After that, continue by assigning a domain name for your website. Once done, you will be asked to confirm your choices. If you need to make changes at this point, you can do so by hovering over the domain name or platform. When everything is ready, click on Start building:

The Finish Setting Up screen of hosting onboarding showing how to access the Builder

After a few minutes, you will be presented with the option to choose a template for your website. Browse the comprehensive gallery for a template that best suits your project - a preview option is available before selecting. To use a template, click on Start building:

The Hostinger Website Builder onboarding showing how to choose a template and start building

You will be headed to the Website Builder where you can customize everything and create a beautiful site 😊

To return to your panel after working on the Website Builder, just click on the back button on the top right of the builder sidebar:

And to access the Website Builder at any time from hPanel, go to WebsitesEdit website:

The Websites tab on hPanel showing how to access the Hostinger Website Builder by clicking Edit website

Switch from another CMS to Website Builder

If you're currently using another CMS for your website, such as WordPress, and want to try out the Website Builder, you will need to apply this change on your control panel and create your website. Just follow this guide: How to switch to Hostinger Website Builder.

That's it! Now you can start creating your website using the Website Builder!

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