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How to Use the Websites Section in Hostinger
How to Use the Websites Section in Hostinger

Understanding the Websites page in your Hostinger account

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You can find all the websites added to your hosting plan in one place — the Websites section of hPanel! Start by clicking on it from the top bar:

The Websites section at Hostinger

Each website will show the following information:

  • An icon indicating if a website is created using WordPress, Hostinger Website Builder, or any other CMS

  • Ownership:

    • The label My Website indicates your own website

    • The email address indicates your client who owns the site that you manage

  • The title of the hosting plan the website is hosted on

  • The website's performance score; it's not shown for builder-based sites that haven't been published yet

  • For WordPress-based sites, you will find a shortcut to the Admin Panel and the Manage button to reach the hosting dashboard

  • For websites built using other CMS, you will find the Manage button to reach the hosting dashboard

  • For websites built using Hostinger Website Builder, you will find the Edit Website button to reach the editor, as well as the Manage button, where you will find useful articles and website analytics

  • The Atarim integration for collaboration with your customers whose websites you manage; the integration is not available with builder-based websites

  • The vertical ellipsis ⋮ button for more options

The Websites section of hPanel

If you host a lot of websites, use the search bar to browse them more easily. If you manage both your own and your customers' sites, you may use filters to view all websites, only your websites, or only your clients' websites. You will also find the options to create or migrate a website:

Search and filtering options in the Websites section at Hostinger

Additional Options

Click on the vertical ellipsis ⋮ button next to a preferred website to find more options. The available options vary depending on the platform and ownership of the website:



Available Options


Your website

Other CMS

Your website

Hostinger Website Builder

Your website

WordPress or other CMS

Client's website

Hostinger Website Builder

Client's website

Now you know how to manage all your and your customers' websites in Hostinger!

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