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How to Remove the Phishing or Deceptive Message From Your Website
How to Remove the Phishing or Deceptive Message From Your Website

Removing suspected malware/phishing warning from your website

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If you see a warning on your website when using Google Chrome that indicates "The site ahead contains harmful programs" or "Deceptive site ahead":

The "Deceptive site ahead" warning on Google Chrome

It means that Google Safe Browsing has reviewed your website and found potentially malicious content on it. In order to protect you and your visitors, they show this warning message instead of your website.

The first thing to do if you see this message on your website is to try and find the exact cause. This will avoid any issues with your hosting account and your visitor's safety.

At Hostinger, you can count on the automatic Malware Scanner to help identify and remove malicious files on your account, so you will not need to worry about malware infections.

In case the Malware Scanner did not find any malicious files, or if you want to manually review your website, you can find here a few guides that can help you:

Once you've ensured that your website is safe for visitors, request the warning to be removed by following Google's official guide: Report Incorrect Phishing Warning to

Google will review your request and remove the warning once it's confirmed that you've removed the malicious content.

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