NOTE: This feature is being implemented in our Shared and Wordpress hosting plans. If you can’t see it in your hPanel, be assured that it will be available soon!

Malicious Software commonly referred to as malware, is a type of software or application created with the aim of damaging applications, computers and networks.

Malware is dangerous because it can be misused for illegal purposes, and it can impact your website’s performance by modifying files or parts of your website’s code, making it slow or unresponsive, redirect to other websites, or show different kinds of errors.

For that reason, you can count on hPanel’s malware scanner to increase your protection against malware!

Malware Scanner is an automated tool integrated on your hPanel that scans your websites for harmful or compromised files.

To see how Malware Scanner works, just go to HostingManage:

Choose Hosting on the top navigation bar, then click on the Manage button to the right of your domain name

Scroll down to the Security section, and click on Malware Scanner:

Select Malware Scanner icon in the Security section of hPanel

If no malware is found, you will see your hosting plan’s name and the time passed since the last detection:

When no malware is found it will show

In case Malware Scanner had detected suspicious files, it will show the number of cases detected and cleaned in the period of time, as well as a summary with the following information:

Detailed report of scan results will show a graph with the number of files where malware was discovered
  • Discovered malware - The total of harmful and compromised files encountered during the last scan.

  • Actions taken - Detail of which files were removed completely from your hosting since they were created by the malware, and the cleaned files, where only the corrupted parts of the file were removed.

The best part of Malware Scanner is that it runs automatically, keeping you protected at all times! In case you encounter any issue after a malware cleanup, contact our Customer Success team who will gladly assist you!


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