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Hostinger Email: Troubleshooting
What to Do if You Can Send but Can’t Receive Emails With Hostinger Email
What to Do if You Can Send but Can’t Receive Emails With Hostinger Email

Learn what's behind being able to send but not receive emails with Hostinger Email

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If you can send but cannot receive any emails, there are usually two main possible reasons:

  1. Some mail-related DNS records on your domain are missing or incorrect

  2. Email services are disabled

To solve this, refer to the information below 👇

Check the DNS Records

To make sure that the correct MX records are present in your domain's DNS zone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the DNS Checker tool

  2. Enter your domain name

  3. Select MX from the dropdown

  4. Click on Search

The result should indicate the following:

DNS Checker tool showing that Hostinger Email MX records are propagated: and

If the values are different – not and

  1. Access your domain's DNS zone

  2. Remove the current MX records

  3. Add the following MX records instead:


Value (Mail Server)






After making these changes, give them up to 24 hours to propagate worldwide 💡

Check if the Email Service Is Enabled

If the MX records present in your domain's DNS zone are correct, the issue might be related to some settings of your email account.

Navigate to the Emails section on your hPanel, and click on Manage next to the domain or subdomain:

The Emails sectio showing how to access the Email Management area

Scroll down to the Manage Email Accounts section. Click on the ellipsis button next to the email account in question, and choose Settings:

The email account management options showing how to access Settings

If Suspend receiving is enabled, disable it, and click on Update to save the changes:

The Email Account Settings showing the toggle of suspend receiving

If both the correct MX records are added and the email service is enabled, you should be able to send emails without any issues.

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