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What Are Titan Email MX Records?
What Are Titan Email MX Records?

Learn what are the MX records for Titan Email

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MX (Mail Exchange) records are like postal addresses for emails. Their purpose is to tell email servers where to deliver emails for a domain, helping to ensure that emails reach the correct destination.

If you use Titan Email, the following MX records should be present in your domain's DNS zone:


Value (Mail server)






Alternatively, to find the values for Titan Email MX records:

  1. Navigate to the Emails section

  2. Click on Manage next to the preferred email account

  3. Select Domain Verification:

The Titan Email dashboard showing how to access the Domain Verification section

You will find them in the Add MX records section:

The Titan Domain Verification section showing Titan Email MX record values


  • After making any changes to your domain's DNS zone, DNS propagation starts; give it some time to complete, and your email service will be up and running smoothly 💡

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