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How to Upgrade a Hosting Plan
How to Upgrade a Hosting Plan

Increasing the resources of your hosting plan

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If your project is growing and needs more resources, you can upgrade your Web or Cloud hosting plan from the Websites of Billing pages of hPanel at any time.

Due to differences between Web and Cloud plans with virtual private servers (VPS), it's not possible to directly upgrade a Web or Cloud hosting plan to VPS. You'd need to purchase a VPS plan separately and migrate your content manually 💡

Option 1 – Websites Section

In your Hostinger account, go to the Websites section, click on the ellipsis button () next to the name of your hosting plan, and select Upgrade:

Alternatively, you may click on Manage next to your website in the Websites section. Then, search for Upgrade on the left sidebar and click on it:

Or, search for Plan details and click on Upgrade Plan:

Upgrading a hosting plan at Hostinger

If your website is created with Hostinger Website Builder or you are upgrading a VPS, you can do so from the Billing section:

Option 2 – Billing Section

In your Hostinger account, go to BillingSubscriptions, and click on the arrow next to the hosting plan in question to see the subscription details. Once there, click on Upgrade:

The Subscription details in the Billing section showing where to upgrade the hosting plan

On the upgrades page, select your new hosting plan from the dropdown list –you can compare the increased resources side by side. Next, click on Complete upgrade payment to proceed. You can find out more details about the upgrade here: What Happens After Upgrading a Hosting Plan?


  • Upgrades are not available for the Cloud Enterprise plan. Alternatively, you can consider migrating to a VPS.

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