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How to Integrate Hostinger Email Into Your Website
How to Integrate Hostinger Email Into Your Website

Integrating email services to your website

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Email integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate email functionalities and services into your website. It involves connecting your website with an email service, for example, to implement contact forms, newsletters, notifications, marketing campaigns, and many more.

There are a few different options for email integration on your website:

  • If your website is built using PHP, you can set up PHP Mailer

  • For WordPress-based websites, there are several plugins, such as Easy WP SMTP, that will allow you to send messages from your website

  • While webmail integration is not supported for security reasons, you can add a link to Hostinger Email Webmail on your website for easy access for your users

Incorporating any of these integrations can significantly improve communication with your audience 😊

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