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To manage your email account’s mail services, open Emails → Manage for your domain name and click on the options button (⋮) next to the email account in question:

The Manage Email Account section on hPanel at Hostinger showing the options button

There choose Settings:

The Settings option in Manage Email Accounts menu

You will be presented with the following options:

The Email Account Settings option for Hostinger Email accounts
  • Disable email account - fully turns off the email account. It will not send or receive messages, and access via Webmail will be disabled

  • Suspend access - prevents from logging into your email account. It will send and receive, but you won’t be able to access your emails

  • Suspend receiving - turns off receiving emails while it keeps sending enabled

  • Suspend sending - turns off sending emails while it keeps receiving enabled

To change any option, eg. if your email sending was suspended, click on the toggle to enable, then click Update. You will be able to send emails again 😊

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