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How to Fix the “User already has more than max user connections” Error
How to Fix the “User already has more than max user connections” Error

What to do if you reach the user connection limit

Updated over a week ago

If you get a “User already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections“ error message or similar, it means that your script is creating more user connections to the database than your hosting plan allows.

There are two main reasons behind this error:

  • Your script creates connections without properly closing them when they are no longer needed, or

  • Your website is very active and has many users online at the same time

In regards to the first reason, you may want to check for any active connections and terminate the ones that are no longer necessary. For the future, you can try executing a mysql_reconnect command before each query. Additionally, you may try adding the command mysql_close() at the end of your script to close all open connections.

If you definitely require many active connections at once, consider upgrading your hosting plan 🚀


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