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How to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan
How to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan
Increasing your hosting plan resources
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If your project is growing and needs more resources, you can upgrade your hosting plan at any time from your account's hPanel! 🚀

If you have the Hosting Dashboard enabled, you can go to Websites → Manage, search for Upgrade on the sidebar and click on it:

The hPanel sidebar showing to select Upgrade

Or on the Details page - just click on the Upgrade Plan button:

The Hosting Details section on hPanel showing where to upgrade the hosting plan

Alternatively, if you are using the Website Builder for all your websites, head to the BillingSubscriptions section of your panel and click on the arrow next to your service to open the subscription details. You will see the option to upgrade there:

The Subscription details of hPanel Billing page showing where to upgrade the hosting plan


  • If you see a Services section instead of Subscriptions on your Billing area, contact our Customer Success team, and we will help you upgrade your hosting plan 😊

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