File Managers at Hostinger allow you to extract archives of these formats:

  • Classic File Manager: zip, tar, tar.gz, tgz

  • File Manager beta: zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz, tar.lz4,

Classic File Manager also has a limitation on the archive size (256 MB), thus we recommend using File Manager (beta) to extract archives.

To extract an archive, go to Hosting → Manage, search for File Manager (beta) on the sidebar and click on it:

Find the archive file, right-click on it and choose Unarchive:

Then choose the name of the folder, where the archive's content will be located, and the directory in which you would like to put them (optional).

After the extraction is completed, the File Manager will reload - you can now navigate to the folder you specified and all the content will wait for you there:

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