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How to extract .rar files at Hostinger
How to extract .rar files at Hostinger

Extraction of archives at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

At Hostinger, extraction of archives in .rar format is supported via SSH. If your hosting plan is Premium, WordPress Starter or above, you have SSH enabled 😊

To upload your .rar file you can use the File Manager if it's less than 100GB, or otherwise via FTP or SSH.

To access your account via SSH, follow this guide: How to connect to your account via SSH

Once connected, head to the location of your .rar file and use the following command:

unrar x file.rar

Replace file.rar with the file name itself.

That's it! Your .rar file will be extracted in a few moments 😊


  • If you have a Single or WordPress Single plan, you can upload .rar files, but you won't be able to unpack them. If you definitely need SSH access, you can consider an upgrade to your hosting plan 🚀

  • Alternatively, you can use any of the following archive formats:

    zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz, tar.lz4, These are supported by our File Manager and can be extracted following these steps: How to extract archives using File Manager

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