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Can File Sharing Services Be Hosted at Hostinger?
Can File Sharing Services Be Hosted at Hostinger?

Hosting and sharing files or images at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can host, share and distribute content such as files, images, audio or video at Hostinger. Additionally, you can share links to external content for download or streaming, provided all content either hosted or linked aheres to international intellectual property laws including copyright, trademark, and DMCA regulations.

This means that you must be the legal owner or an authorized distributor of any content you host, share or link to using Hostinger services. For more details, you can refer to our Terms of Service.

Here are some suggestions to host file sharing services:

  • For a starting project with a small amount of content, share small files or low-resoultion images with a low to medium traffic, a Web hosting plan is ideal, where you will find a balanced allocation of resources to support your needs effectively

  • If you are considering a larger project, high-resolution images, larger files and a borader audience, a Cloud plan is an good option. Operating in isolated instances, this plan offers ample resources, ensuring optimal performance even during periods of heavy traffic

  • For streaming, managing substantial traffic, or in case you want complete control over server configurations, consider our virtual private server (VPS) options. Opting for a VPS provides unmatched flexibility, allowing you to customize your server environment according to your specific requirements

So feel free to explore our selection of hosting plans and find the most suitable option for you! 😊

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