Information about different features and technologies being supported at Hostinger

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Is CORS Supported at Hostinger?
Is Cloudflare Supported at Hostinger?
Do you provide SFTP access?
Is dl() function enabled?
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Do You Support POP3, SMTP, or IMAP?
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How to disable magic quotes? (by using .htaccess)
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I can not open txt and exe files
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Is MySQLi Enabled?
Can I install SVN packages?
What MySQL storage engines are supported on your servers?
Is event_scheduler enabled for MySQL?
Is allow_url_fopen enabled on your servers?
Do you support Dolphin?
How do I get the SHOW DATABASES privilege?
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Can I use rsync?
Are sockets supported?
Do you support ASP and ASP.net?
Do you support Flash?
Do you support OpenSSL?
Can I use AJAX on my website?
Can I set up vhosts on your hosting?
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How can I edit httpd.conf?
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