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Parameters and Limits of Hosting PlansWhat are the CPU, RAM, inode, and disk limits of Hostinger plans?
Are Custom Hosting Packages Available at Hostinger?Custom hosting packages at Hostinger
Is Windows Hosting Available at Hostinger?Can Windows be installed on Hostinger VPS?
Do Hosting Plans Include Dedicated IPs?Dedicated IP addresses on your hosting plan
What Ports Are Open at Hostinger?Detailed list of open ports at Hostinger
What is the Server Timezone at Hostinger?Default timezone used at Hostinger's servers
Is VPN Available at Hostinger?Setting up a VPN at Hostinger
Can Chat Scripts Be Used at Hostinger?Hosting online chat services at Hostinger
Can File Sharing Services Be Hosted at Hostinger?Hosting and sharing files or images at Hostinger
Can Online Game Scripts be Hosted at Hostinger?Hosting online game scripts on Shared hosting
Can Proxy Websites Be Hosted at Hostinger?Hosting Proxy websites or running proxy scripts at Hostinger
Is Offshore Hosting Supported at Hostinger?Getting offshore hosting at Hostinger
Is Perl Supported at Hostinger?Using Perl at Hostinger
Is cPanel/WHM Supported at Hostinger?cPanel hosting at Hostinger
Is Traceroute Enabled at Hostinger?Using the traceroute command at Hostinger
How to Disable ModSecurityDisabling mod_security through .htaccess
How to Edit the php.ini FileEditing the php.ini file at Hostinger
Is DDoS Protection Included at Hostinger?Protection against DDoS on Web and Cloud hosting plans at Hostinger
Are Hostinger Servers PCI-Compliant?PCI compliant servers at Hostinger
Are Free Hosting Plans Available at Hostinger?Trying Hostinger services without the risk of losing money

Is CORS Supported at Hostinger?Enabling CORS at Hostinger
Is Cloudflare Supported at Hostinger?Using Cloudflare at Hostinger
Is SFTP Access Enabled at Hostinger?Setting up SFTP access
Is dl() Enabled at Hostinger?Using dl() on Web and Cloud hosting plans
How to Enable Zend OPcache and ionCube at HostingerEnabling the Zend OPcache and ionCube PHP extensions at Hostinger
Are IPNAT Modules Supported at Hostinger?Ipnat modules on Web, Cloud and VPS hosting plans
Does Hostinger Support jQuery?Using jQuery at Hostinger
Is Django Supported at Hostinger?Django on Web hosting and VPS hosting plans
Is ClipBucket Supported at Hostinger?An open source PHP script for video sharing
What DNS Record Types are Supported at Hostinger?Managing A, CNAME, MX, TXT, AAAA, NS, SRV and CAA records via Hostinger's hPanel
Is SimpleXML Supported at Hostinger?Enabling SimpleXML on Web and Cloud hosting plans at Hostinger
Is Node.js Supported at Hostinger?Node.js on Web hosting and VPS hosting packages
Is PostgreSQL Supported at Hostinger?Using PostgreSQL at Hostinger
Do you support mcrypt?MCrypt on shared hosting packages
Is PHPMotion Supported at Hostinger?Using PHPMotion at Hostinger
Is Symlink Function Enabled?Creating symbolic links via SSH
Can phpList be Used at Hostinger?Using phpList for email marketing
Does Hostinger Support POP3, IMAP and SMTP?Using the POP3, SMTP and IMAP email protocols at Hostinger
Is FXP Supported at Hostinger?Transferring files using FXP at Hostinger
Is gzip Supported at Hostinger?Gzip compression available at Hostinger
How to disable magic quotes? (by using .htaccess)
Is Python Supported at Hostinger?Python on Web hosting and VPS hosting plans
Is mod_rewrite enabled?mod_rewrite module on shared hosting packages
Are MySQL Heap Tables Supported at Hostinger?MySQL heap tables on shared hosting packages
Is Flash Media Server Supported at Hostinger?Using Flash Media Server at Hostinger
Is PHP SOAP Enabled at Hostinger?Using PHP SOAP on Web and Cloud hosting at Hostinger
Do you offer PDO and pdo_mysql?PDO and pdo_mysql on shared hosting packages
Is MySQLi Enabled?Learn about the mysqli PHP extension at Hostinger
Can I install SVN packages?SVN packages on Shared, Cloud and VPS hosting packages
What MySQL storage engines are supported on your servers?InnoDB and MyISAM MySQL storage engines on Hostinger servers
Is event_scheduler enabled for MySQL?Enabling event_scheduler
Is allow_url_fopen enabled on your servers?
Is Dolphin Emulator Supported at Hostinger?Hopsing Dolphin Emulator
Is the SHOW DATABASES Privilege Enabled at Hostinger?Using the SHOW DATABASES privilege at Hostinger
Is cURL Enabled at Hostinger?Using the cURL command on your hosting plan at Hostinger
Is rsync Enabled at Hostinger?Using rsync on Web and Cloud hosting plans at Hostinger
Are Sockets Supported at Hostinger?Using WebSockets at Hostinger
Is ASP and ASP.net Supported at Hostinger?ASP and ASP.net at Hostinger
Do you support Flash?Flash on Shared and Cloud hosting packages
Do you support OpenSSL?OpenSSL at Hostinger
Can I use AJAX on my website?AJAX at Hostinger
Can I set up vhosts on your hosting?Virtual Hosts on Shared, Cloud and VPS hosting packages
Are GCC Compilers Supported at Hostinger?Using a GCC compiler at Hostinger
Is FFmpeg Supported at Hostinger?Using FFMPEG at Hostinger
Is Editing httpd.conf Possible at Hostinger?Learn about use of the httpd.conf file at Hostinger
Which Laravel Versions Are Supported at Hostinger?Installing and using Laravel at Hostinger
Is WordPress Multisite Supported at Hostinger?How to set up WordPress Multisite at Hostinger
Can I use Dreamweaver to publish my sites?Using Adobe Dreamweaver with Hostinger
Is Java Supported at Hostinger?How to host Java-based applications at Hostinger
Can Nulled Scripts be Used at Hostinger?Using nulled or cracked software applications on your hosting plan
Are Codecs Supported at Hostinger?Support of AC3, AAC, divx, OGG VORBIS, x264, xvid, etc. on your hosting plan
Is MongoDB Supported at Hostinger?Using MongoDB at Hostinger
Is ReactJS Supported at Hostinger?Using ReactJS at Hostinger