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What Is PHP Memory Limit?
What Is PHP Memory Limit?

Knowing the PHP memory limit of your hosting package

Updated over a week ago

The PHP memory_limit value helps you manage the memory usage within PHP scripts. It specifies the maximum amount of memory that a PHP script is allowed to allocate during its execution. This limit serves as a safeguard against scripts consuming excessive memory, which can lead to performance issues and potentially crash the server.

All of our Web and Cloud hosting plans come with fixed maximum memory_limit values. To check the value corresponding to your hosting plan, go to the PHP Info page on your hPanel and search for memory_limit:

The PHP memory_limit value on the PHP Info page

If your website is built with WordPress, it may be using a lower default PHP memory_limit value. You can increase it up to your hosting plan memory limit by checking the following tutorial: How to Increase the WordPress Memory Limit.

If your project has grown and you need to increase the overall memory limit, you can consider upgrading your hosting plan 🚀

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