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Can Compilers or Compiled Scripts Be Hosted at Hostinger?
Can Compilers or Compiled Scripts Be Hosted at Hostinger?

Using compilers at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

A compiler is a software tool that translates human-readable source code written in a high-level programming language into machine code or executable code that a computer can understand and execute.

Due to the technical, resource and permission requirements to run compilers, installing any compilers, compiling scripts or running compiled programs is not supported on our Web and Cloud hosting plans.

If you're interested in using compilers for languages such as Python, Java, Ruby and more, you can consider one of our VPS plans. Virtual private servers provide you with root access so you have complete control to configure your server according to your specific needs. In addition, it has dedicated Resources, ensuring high performance and stability

With VPS being a self-managed hosting solution, you will need to install and configure all compilers and related applications by yourself. Although it may require some technical knowledge, it will allow you to compile scripts or host compiled scripts according to your project's needs 🚀

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