How to Install a Custom SSL
Installing a custom SSL certificate
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You get unlimited free SSL for all of your websites hosted at Hostinger with your Shared, WordPress or Cloud hosting plan! If you want to use a free SSL, check this article: How to install Lifetime SSL at Hostinger

In case you have purchased an SSL Certificate from another provider, you can easily install it with us by following the steps below:

Go to Websites → Manage, search for SSL on the sidebar and click on it:

There, click on Import SSL. Select the domain or subdomain from the dropdown list and insert the values of the keys provided by the SSL issuer:

The custom certificate is usually a compressed folder (eg. a .zip file) where you will find the following files:

  • Certificate - the certificate’s public key, usually a file named domainname.crt
    where "domainname" is replaced with your actual domain

  • Private Key - the certificate's private key, usually the only file with the ending .key on the zipped folder

  • Certificate authority bundle (CABUNDLE) - the file that contains root and intermediate certificates

Use a text editor such as Notepad to open each one, copy the content and paste it into its corresponding section. Next, click on Install SSL, and your certificate will be installed!


  • If you don’t see Import and Install options, most likely, you already have an SSL certificate on that domain. To install a new certificate, uninstall the existing one first

  • If your SSL is still not valid after installation, please try to reinstall it. If it still doesn’t work, contact your SSL issuer

  • If you need help locating your SSL certificate's files and defining the type of file, please get in touch with your SSL issuer's support

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