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How to Find FTP Details on hPanel
How to Find FTP Details on hPanel

Checking your FTP details on hPanel

Updated over a week ago

One FTP account is always created by default once you finish setting up your hosting (unless all your websites are created with Hostinger Website Builder). You can find your FTP details by opening Websites Manage, searching for FTP Accounts on the sidebar, and clicking on it:

FTP Accounts settings in hPanel

There you will be able to see your FTP details – FTP IP and hostname, FTP username, FTP port, etc.:

FTP account details

You can also see the main FTP details on the Details page (but you won't be able to manage your FTP password from there).

FTP password

The FTP password is not displayed in the control panel due to security reasons. An FTP password is created for each domain either via onboarding, when you’re initially setting up the plan, or when you add an addon domain.

If you are not sure what password was set, you can change it through the Change FTP password button.

For hosting plans that include SSH access, the SSH password is the same as the FTP password of your main domain by default. You can change this setting by creating an SSH-only password. Please note that changing your main domain's FTP password will also set the same value for the SSH password automatically.

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