MySQL databases can be managed within the Databases section of hPanel. To access it, go to Websites → Manage, search for MySQL Databases on the sidebar and click on it:

Once there, you can choose a website from the left drop-down menu to show its associated databases :

You will be presented with the List of Current MySQL Databases And Users section. Please note that all new databases will be assigned to the selected domain; if a database is not yet assigned to a website, you can do so by clicking on Assign:

To access your database contents via phpMyAdmin, click on Enter phpMyAdmin:

If you need more options, just select your desired database and click the button:

You will be able to do the following actions:

  1. Repair the database - it will analyze and optimize your database tables ensuring that the database is working perfectly fine

  2. Change the current database password

  3. Change various permissions

  4. Delete the database completely

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