What is mixed content warning?

These messages occur when a website, which has an SSL enabled, contains elements that are still served over HTTP connection.  

How to fix mixed content warning?

Firstly - to fix this issue, you will need to locate what elements are loading via HTTP. Click here and find out how you can do it :)

Secondly - after locating what elements are causing the warning, you will need to force them to load over HTTPS instead of HTTP. Often the solution is as simple as adding "s" to those elements' links :)

But to do so, you have to make sure that the resource is available over an HTTPS:

  1. open a new tab in your browser;
  2. enter the URL that is causing the warning in the address bar;
  3. change the http:// part into https://.

If the URL loads in the same manner as via HTTP, you will be sure that the URL is available over HTTPS, and you will be able to change every instance of http:// to https:// in your page HTML code.

If the URL does not load, or you see a certificate warning, it means that the source (e.g. image, URL etc.) is not available over HTTPS. For such case you would need to:

  1. download the source and host it on your website;
  2. replace the source with the one from another host;
  3. exclude the source from the website.

NOTE: For a WordPress website, there is a helpful SSL plugin to set it up correctly - Really Simple SSL :)

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