How to Set Up Hostinger Email on Gmail Web Version

Setting up your Hostinger Email account on Gmail Web version

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To set up Hostinger Email on the web version of Gmail, make sure that:

  1. You have created an email account with Hostinger Email

  2. Your domain is pointed to Hostinger

  3. The correct Hostinger Email MX records are added to your domain's DNS zone

Then, proceed with the steps below 👇

Step 1 – Gather the Hostinger Email Account Details

Gather the configuration details of your email account:

POP3 (incoming)

SMTP (outgoing)


Encryption: SSL

Port number: 995


Encryption: SSL

Port number: 465

If you're not completely sure about your email password, you can easily reset it.

Step 2 – Set Up Hostinger Email on Gmail

To add a Hostinger Email account to your Gmail, follow the steps in the Link your address to Gmail section of this article: Get Gmail features for your other email accounts, but make sure to select the POP3 option instead of Gmailify.

With POP3, your emails will be stored only in Gmail and deleted from the Hostinger webmail (or other email clients you might have set up) unless you choose the option to leave a copy on the server 💡

The window with the incoming email (POP3) details inserted will look like this:

Setting up Hostinger Email on Gmail

The parameters for outgoing email (SMTP) will look this way:

Setting up Hostinger Email on Gmail

Finally, once you click on Add Account, your Hostinger Email account will appear in Gmail.

If the Gmail account you wish to connect Hostinger Email to is a Google Workspace account, you'll need admin access to Google Workspace in order to enable the option to send emails; follow this guide: Allow per-user outbound gateways 💡


Most errors are related to having entered incorrect parameters into Gmail. In those cases, it is highly recommended to reset your password and re-enter the parameters one more time, making sure that the POP3 and SMTP settings match with those from the table above.

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