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If you are using Hostinger Email, the email account configuration is the following:

IMAP (Incoming)

POP3 (Incoming)

SMTP (Outgoing)

Host: imap.hostinger.com

Encryption: SSL

Port number: 993

Host: pop.hostinger.com

Encryption: SSL

Port number: 995

Host: smtp.hostinger.com

Encryption: SSL

Port number: 465

You can always see the default email configuration for your account by navigating to the Emails, clicking on Manage next to the domain name, and selecting Configuration settings on the sidebar:

Just scroll down to the Configuration Settings section and click on the arrow to the left of Manual Configuration:

You will be able to use these parameters to set up Hostinger Email on your devices and email applications 😊


  • If you encounter SMTP encryption issues, use TLS or STARTTLS with port 587 instead

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