Before getting your configuration details

At Hostinger, we provide several types of emails. If your Emails section looks this way:

You are using Titan Email. In that case, you can follow this guide: How to get email account configuration details for Titan Email?

If instead of the Titan logo you see an envelope (✉️), you are using Hostinger Email.

Hostinger Email account configuration is:

IMAP (Incoming)

POP3 (Incoming)

SMTP (Outgoing)


Port number: 993

Encryption: SSL


Port number: 995

Encryption: SSL


Port number: 465

Encryption: SSL/TLS

You can always see the default email configuration for your account by navigating to the Emails → domain name → Configuration settings section:

Just scroll down to the Configuration Settings section and click on the arrow left to Manual Configuration:

You will be able to use these parameters to set up Hostinger Email on your devices and email applications.


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