Before setting up Hostinger emails on Gmail, you need to make sure that:

If these requirements are met, you may refer to this procedure:

Step 1 - Gathering your email details

After you have an email account created (hPanel, cPanel, or Titan Email), you can go ahead and collect your current email details:

In case you are not completely sure about your email password you can easily reset it for hPanel or cPanel.

Depending on if you are using hPanel or cPanel, the email configuration details will differ. For this particular article, we will use hPanel as a reference.

Step 2 - Setting up email in Gmail

To add Hostinger email account to your Gmail, simply follow Link your address to Gmail part of this article. Instead of Gmailify choose POP3. Keep in mind, that with POP3 your emails will be stored in Gmail only, and deleted from Hostinger's Webmail interface or other email clients you might have set up.

Parameters for incoming email (POP3) will look this way:

Parameters for outgoing email (SMTP) will look this way:


  • If the Gmail account you wish to connect Hostinger email to has GSuite, you will need admin access to Google Workspace to have the opportunity to send emails. To allow sending emails from this address, check this article

That's it! Your email account will appear in Gmail 👍

Fixing possible errors

Most of the time, errors are linked with incorrect parameters you are pasting to your email client. For such cases, it is highly recommended resetting your password and input parameters one more time, following the tutorial.

If it still doesn’t work, try using alternative ports and encryption modes:

  • Non-SSL POP3: 110 port

  • Non-SSL SMTP: 587 port

If you face any difficulties with it, you can always contact Customer Success team 😊


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