First of all, you need to locate mail server details, which you will use during the Gmail setup. You can find the details in your hPanel, under the Emails section.

Once, you have saved the details, let's connect it to Gmail!

  1. Login to your Dmail account and go to Settings

2. Choose the Accounts and Import tab and press on Add a mail account

3. Insert the email address which you have created at Hostinger and click Next >>

4. Make sure that POP3 option is selected and choose Next >> 

5. Now you will need to use some of the settings you have saved before. Including your email address, and POP server. 

Username:  full email address
Password: email password
POP server:
PORT: 995

NOTE: Make sure to select the option Always use a secure connection SSL. Once filled as bellow, click Add account

You will receive the success message that you can now receive messages into this

If you wish to send emails too, then continue setting sending server up by selecting Yes, and pressing Next >>:

On the new window insert your name and click Next Step >>.

Now you will need to fill outgoing server details, from the same page as you saved before.

Username: your full email address.
Password: your email password.
SMTP server:
PORT: 587
Note: Make sure to select option: Secure connection using TLS.

Once filled, click Add account >>.

You will see the last confirmation message:

You will now receive an email to your Gmail with verification code and link. Now you have 2 ways to confirm, pressing on the link or by submitting the code from the same email. If you will choose to submit code, type it in, and click Verify. Once done click Close window. Else, just go to the email you have been sent, and click on the link:

You will be directed to a new page, were you need to click Confirm.

Once confirmed, you are all DONE! 

You can now receive and send emails using Gmail platform from your private email address created at Hostinger.

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