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How to Set Up Google Workspace on Hostinger
How to Set Up Google Workspace on Hostinger

Step by step guide to set up Google Workspace on your Hostinger account

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If you have purchased a Google Workspace service and have an active domain, follow these steps to set up your order:

Step 1 - Activate the Order

Log into your Hostinger account. You will find your Google Workspace order on the Home page of hPanel. Click on the setup button next to the order and complete the process.

After the order is set up, click Manage, and you will be able to create a Primary (admin) account.

Then, log in to your Google Workspace admin area:

The Google Workspace section on Hostinger Members Area and how to access the admin account

Step 2 - Verify your Domain

After logging into your Google Workspace admin area, a pop-up will appear to Verify your domain. Press on it, and you will get your domain verification code. Take note of this code.

Now go to your domain's DNS zone and add a TXT record with the verification code to verify your domain ownership. Alternatively, you can verify your domain with a CNAME record.


  • If your domain is pointing elsewhere by NS records, your DNS Zone management is moved to the provider you pointed the domain to and should be managed from there

After making any changes to your DNS records, consider up to 24 hours for them to propagate. Once the propagation is completed, you will be able to use your Google Workspace service.

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