In order to set up Google Workspace on Hostinger, you will need to have an active domain and Google Workspace service purchased.

Step 1 - Activate the order

First of all, log in to your Hostinger account, and in your Dashboard click on the Setup button in front of your Google Workspace account.

After the order is set up, click Manage - and you will be able to create a Primary (admin) account.

Then, log in to your Google Workspace admin area:

There you will be able to finish the setup process.

Step 2 - Verify your domain

After this step, you will see a pop-up Verify your domain. Press on it and you will see your domain verification code.

Make sure to verify your domain ownership by adding a TXT record with your verification code in your domain's DNS zone. You can also verify your domain with a CNAME record.

Any DNS Record changes trigger propagation, which can last up to 24 hours to fully propagate.

After the propagation is completed, you will be able to use your Google Workspace service 😊

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