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Where to Find Your Website’s Configuration File?
Where to Find Your Website’s Configuration File?

Name and location of the configuration file for different CMS

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If you need to find your website's configuration or config file, simply open the File Manager and head to the public_html folder of your website. Most configuration files are located there, as it is the root directory, or inside a subdirectory on public_html. The file name varies depending on the CMS used:

  • WordPress public_html/wp-config.php 

  • Joomla public_html/configuration.php   

  • OpenCart public_html/config.php and public_html/admin/config.php

  • Prestashop public_html/config/ or in older versions

  • PHPbb public_html/config.php 

  • Drupal public_html/drupal/sites/default/settings.php 

  • Bitrix public_html/bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php and public_html/bitrix/.settings.php

  • Modx public_html/manager/includes/ 

  • Umi.CMS public_html/config.ini 

  • ImageCMS public_html/application/config/database.php 

  • Simpla public_html/config/config.php 

  • Piwigo public_html/local/config/ 

  • Shop-Script public_html/wa-config/db.php 

  • HostCMS public_html/modules/core/config/config.php 

  • CS-Cart public_html/config.local.php 

  • LiveStreet public_html/config/config.local.php 

  • Datalife (Dle) public_html/upload/engine/data/dbconfig.php 

  • IPB public_html/conf_global.php 

  • Net(Cat).CMS public_html/ 

  • Simple Machines Forum public_html/settings.php 

  • Dolphin public_html/inc/ 

  • CMS Made Simple public_html/config.php

  • InstantCMS public_html/includes/ 

  • Media Wiki public_html/localsettings.php 

  • Zen Cart public_html/includes/configure.php

If you're using a different CMS, you can locate the file by following these steps:

  1. Search for files with the names like config, conf, or db

  2. Check if there are directories like engine, vendor or includes

  3. Refer to the forums dedicated to your CMS or to the developer

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