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How to Add a Domain to Google Search Console
How to Add a Domain to Google Search Console

Step-by-step guide for adding a domain to Google Search Console.

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Do you want to add your domain to the Google Search Console but are not sure how to do it? Then please take a look at this step-by-step instruction, written for you 😊

Step 1 – Google Search Console

If you don’t have a Google account yet, please create one and authorize it in Google Search Console

Now in the upper left corner, click Search propertyAdd property:

You will have a choice of the type of property to add. If you want to add only a specific URL, select the option on the right (URL prefix). If you want to add the entire domain (including all subdomains and protocols), choose the one on the left (Domain).

Enter your domain and click Continue:

The most important thing you need from the pop-up window is the verification code. Copy it and do not close this tab:

Step 2 – Working with the Domain 

Open a new browser tab and access your domain's DNS zone to create a TXT record. Here, you'll need the verification code given by Google Search Console:

  1. DNS record type: TXT

  2. Name: @

  3. TXT value: paste the value that you copied at Google Search Console

  4. TTL: leave the default value

Step 3 – Final

After a few minutes, return to Google Search Console and click Verify:

 You may see this window with the following message:

What it means: the added record simply did not have enough time to get propagated. To check the current status of the propagation, you can go to the DNS Checker and insert the data this way:

As soon as you see that all the map is covered with checkmarks (apart from one maximum):

It will mean that you can go back to the Google Search Console and click Verify again. The result should be like this:

If you see this message – congratulations, you have successfully added your domain to the Google Search Console, have productive work on the site 😊


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