While managing your domain's DNS zone in the DNS Zone Editor, you might face the situation when records are not saved or the editor is absent in hPanel at all.

DNS zone editor button in hPanel

Most likely it happened because your domain and hosting are placed in two different accounts (including different emails and same email on different resellers, for example, hostinger.com and hostinger.in).

For situations, where the domain is registered and hosted at Hostinger, we implemented a security update, so to manage its DNS zone they need to belong to the same account.

It's easy to be done - you only need to move your domain from the current account to the one, where the hosting order is. It's completely free of charge, and here's an instruction with all the steps needed:

As soon as your domain will be in the same account as hosting, your DNS zone editor will be unlocked again 💪

NOTE: This applies only for domains that are registered and hosted at Hostinger!

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