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How to Create and Manage Email Accounts on cPanel
How to Create and Manage Email Accounts on cPanel

Creating a new email account and managing already created email accounts on cPanel at Hostinger

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You can easily manage your email accounts from your cPanel. Just head to the Email section and select Email Accounts:

The Email Accounts option on cPanel

How to Create an Email Account

Once on the Email Accounts section, click on Create:

The Email Accounts section on cPanel showing how to create a mailbox

In the next page, enter the following:

  • Domain - select the domain or subdomain from the dropdown list

  • Username - specify the username for your email account. Please note that the username cannot contain the word cpanel

  • Password - choose to set the password right away or send a login link. The password has to meet cPanel’s password strength recommendations

  • Optional Settings - click Edit Settings to access options for adjusting storage space (which must be within your current hosting plan's total disk space limit), creating folders, and sending a welcome message

Once all is good to go, click on Create:

The fields required to create an email account

To create an email account for an IDN domain (Internationalized Domain Name), convert it to Punycode and add the domain name to your hosting plan 💡

How to Manage Email Accounts

You can find the list of existing mailboxes and their management options on the Email Accounts section:

The mailbox management options on the Email Accounts section
  1. Open the webmail client

  2. Manage the email account’s settings, including the option to delete it

  3. Get the configuration details to connect your email account to a device or email client


  • Email account deletion is not reversible. When a mailbox is removed, all messages previously stored in the account are permanently deleted

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