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Are IDN Email Accounts Supported at Hostinger?
Are IDN Email Accounts Supported at Hostinger?

Using IDN domains to create Hostinger email accounts

Updated over a week ago

Yes, you can use an existing IDN domain to create a Hostinger Email account!

IDN, or Internationalized Domain Names, expand beyond the standard Latin characters to incorporate characters from various scripts and languages.

To set up your email account with an IDN domain, ensure it's added to your hosting plan and then follow trough with the regular mailbox creation process.

It's important to note that when using an IDN email address, you may encounter instances where it will be displayed in a format that initially seems unconventional, for example, name@xn--domain-xyz.tld.

This occurs because domain names featuring non-ASCII characters are encoded into a standardized format called Punycode, which guarantees the compatibility of your domain accross the global internet infrastructure.

So, if you're considering registering an IDN domain and using it for your website and email, rest assured that at Hostinger, your IDN email addresses will work accurately for sending and receiving emails worldwide 🚀

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