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Your email accounts can be easily managed with the help of the Email Accounts section, which can be found at your control panel. Open your cPanel and click on Email Accounts section:

In order to create a new email account, you just need to click on Create:

Email account creation process consists of choosing a domain, entering a username, password and allocating disk space to your mailbox, once that’s done click on Create:


  • Username cannot contain cpanel string

  • Password has to meet cPanel’s password strength recommendations:

  • Storage space can be set to any value as long as your current hosting plan supports it

  • Email accounts creation is fully supported for IDN domains

If you want to create an email account for IDN domain, convert your domain to Punycode, add the domain name to your plan and you will be able to create an email account for it!

If you want to create an email account for a subdomain, just choose it from the drop-down list (subdomain needs to be created first):

Once the email account has been created you will see three buttons:

  1. Button to open your webmail client

  2. Email account’s settings (includes an option to delete your account completely)

  3. Button for connecting your email account with other devices (Details which should be used to connect your email account to another device will be provided)

NOTE: Email account deletion is not reversible, if the email account was deleted, all emails previously stored in the account are permanently erased with it.

That’s it, now you have a professional-looking email account for your business!

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