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How to Manage MX Records in cPanel
How to Manage MX Records in cPanel

Adding, editing and deleting MX records at Hostinger via cPanel

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You can easily manage MX records in the Zone Editor section, which can be found in your control panel.

Log in to your cPanel and head to DomainsZone Editor:

The cPanel Domains section sowing how to access the Zone Editor

Next, click on the button + MX RECORD:

The Domain list on Zone Editor showing how to add an MX record

Enter the required values given by your email provider. For example, to use your cPanel email, they are the following:




your domain name

Finally, click on Add An MX Record:

The popup window to enter priority and destination values for a new MX record

Edit or Delete MX Records

To edit or remove existing MX records, access the Zone Editor section and find the following Modify and Delete buttons:

The Zone Editor showing how to edit or delete a record


  • After making any changes to your domain's DNS zone, DNS propagation starts; give it some time to complete, and your email service will be up and running soon

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