NOTE: If you are an experienced user and you are not afraid of using SSH, this article is just for you. Although if you are looking for an easier solution, you can upload your backup via File Manager, FTP or Import Website feature.

SSH is a really efficient and fast way for transferring files from your local computer to the server. Here are some easy steps to be followed:

  • Open Terminal or Command Prompt on your local computer.
  • Log in to your SSH account.
  • Upload your files using a command format below:
scp -P 65002 /home/user/Desktop[filename] username@IP:the/path/to/backup

Replace /home/user/Desktop/[filename] with your local path to the file itself.

NOTE: If you are using Windows machine with Linux Bash Shell and Cygwin enabled this command needs to be used:

scp -P 65002 /cygdrive/[filename] username@IP:the/path/to/place/the/backup

  • Once you run it, it will ask for an FTP account password. Insert the password, press Enter.
  • Wait until the upload is done and you will be good to go.

That’s it! Now you know how to upload files to your hosting using SSH.


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