Copying files and folders is possible using Hostinger File Manager:

If you would like to copy files and folders with SSH, all you need to do is:

Step 1 - Connection

First, enable SSH access and connect to your account using SSH. Open the directory, where the files and folders, which you want to copy, are located. For that:

  1. Run ls command. If you see the needed files and folders, then you can go to Step 2

  2. If the needed content is in a subdirectory, reach it by running:

cd path/to/files

where "path/to/files" is changed by an actual path to your files. For example, if your files are located in public_html/new/version1, then the command should be "cd new/version1".

Step 2 - Copying

You only need 1 command to copy files or folders, just chose the option the most suitable for you:

  • Just make a copy of the file:

cp filename
  • Make a copy and rename the copied file:

cp filename.php newfilename.php
  • Move the copied file to a separate directory:

cp filename.php destination_directory/
  • Copy the whole folder and rename it:

cp -R foldername/ newfoldername/
  • Copy the files to another directory and replace the existing ones

cp -f filename.php destination_directory/

That’s it! Now you know how to copy files and folders using SSH 😊


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