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How to Set Up a Catch-All For cPanel Email
How to Set Up a Catch-All For cPanel Email

Enabling the catch-all feature for cPanel Email at Hostinger

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A catch-all email is a convenient way to receive any messages sent to incorrect or invalid email addresses for your domain, e.g., if you have support@domain.tld and the sender wrote suport@domain.tld.

How to Create a Catch-All

Navigate to he Email section of your cPanel and locate the Default Address option:

The Default Address option on cPanel

On the new page, choose the domain name from the drop-down menu, mark the option to Forward to email address, and enter the mailbox to which emails will be forwarded:

The Default Address Maintenance options showing how to forward to an email address

When all is good to go, click on Change and the catch-all will be created.

How to Delete Catch-All Emails

In the Default Address section, change the setting to one of the following according to your preference:

  • Discard with a message to the sender - specify the message to be sent in Failure Message

  • Discard without notification - expand the Advanced Options to find the Discard (Not Recommended) option

Next, click on Change to update this setting. If needed, you can create a new catch-all at any time.

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