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How to Set Up DMARC on cPanel
How to Set Up DMARC on cPanel

Setting up DMARC records for your cPanel email

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DMARC stands for “Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Compliance”. It is a standardization proposal to guarantee the authenticity of an email.

To add a DMARC record to your cPanel email, go to the cpanel domains section and select Zone Editor:

The cPanel Zone Editor option

There, click the Manage button next to your domain and open the dropdown on the add record button on the top right of the list to select Add DMARC record:

The Add record cPanel dropdown showing how to add a DMARC record

The record name, TTL, and type will be added automatically. Select Raw:

The DMARC record type options showing thow to select Raw

Delete the current default value and enter the following:


Replacing name@domain.tld with the desired email address. The email you enter will receive all email reports about message submissions.

It's recommended to use a dedicated email address, as depending on how many emails you send in total, the more reports you receive.

Click Save Record to apply the changes.

After adding this record to your domain, consider 2-6 hours for the propagation process. Once propagated, your DMARC record will be fully functional.

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